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What is Task-K I?


Task-K I  is a community empowerment solution mobile application to help working parents build communities around the childcare facilities where their children attend.  "It is like having your parent nearby to help when you need the help".  

Through use of the Task-K I mobile application, parents become part of a supportive community where trust and reciprocity help to lessen stress, save families money and further enrich children’s lives.  Task-K I will build a communities by allowing a parent to ask another parent  whose child goes to the same childcare facility to pick up the child on-time and meet at the childcare facility or at a predetermined location to drop off the child.  As a reward, the parent who helped to pick up the child will receive points which can be redeemed for a pick-up request or other services offered by other parents in the childcare communities.  Do you need someone whom you can trust to babysit your child without breaking the bank, so that you and your partner can have a relaxing date night?  Task-K I will help you to get that date night.  

How It Works for Working Parents

Do you stress over picking up your child on-time from your daycare?

Do you wish there was an easy way to ask for help? 

We have a solution!

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How it works for childcare providers

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ABout The Founder

Let's build a village together!

Task-K I was founded by Kanako Matsumoto ("Kanako" is pronounced "Conoco" as in ConocoPhillips), who is a working mom. She has worked as a certified public accountant for the last 20 years in the public accounting industry, which like so many industries, has a very demanding work schedule. As a working mom, she has placed her son in several childcare facilities over the years while pursuing her professional career. She has often experienced stress from trying to pick her son on- time from childcare facilities. The pressure she felt to pick up her son on-time was affecting her productivity in the last working hour each day, and she found herself driving aggressively. While on her way to pick up her son, she often wished if only her mother or father were here to help. She immigrated from Japan and does not have family members nearby that can help. She grew up in an extended family of eight where both of her parents worked, but her grandmother and uncles helped. She is passionate about a philosophy that "it takes a village to raise a child." She started thinking "what if she could emulate this extended family model by creating communities around childcare facilities." Her experiences inspired her to create Task-K I. Task-K I is one way to bring the philosophy of a village to reality. Kanako named the app, "Task-K I," an adaptation of the Japanese word "Tasukeai” meaning "to help each other" or "to collaborate, allows our childcare facilities to be the "villages" of today.

She has also realized that it is so important for parents to have their own alone-time to refresh and unwined. Many parents choose not to because high costs associated with hiring a babysitter discourage them.  That is how she came up with the reward points idea. Even if a parent has a tight budget, he or she has at least 10 or 15 minutes to help others (we all spend looking at our phone for some non- essential stuff every day, right?) and the points can be accumulated and used for various helps that each parent needs. 

Helping them will help you!



Frequent Asked Questions From Parents


Quesitons from Working Parents

Q - Is this another ride-share mobile app?

Answer - Not at all. This is a tool for working parents to collaborate with each other to make their lives easier. Key functions include helping parents to pick up each other’s child at the childcare facility before closing time where their children attend and to allow parents to efficiently communicate among themselves to offer services to each other through “Village Points.” Our recommendation is to have parents meet and pick up children at the childcare facility or the parking lot. The app includes a function to transport and drop off a child (children) at a mutually-agreed upon location if desired. 

Q - Will Task-K I screen parents picking up others' children?

Answer - The short answer is no. Task-K I is a tool that is used to create opportunities for parents whose children attend the same childcare facility to get to know each other and foster friendship among them, so that parents can create a village where they can trust each other with their children. Therefore, no strangers will pick up your children. We believe many of parents whose children attend the same childcare already have many things in common and face the similar challenges.  These are great ingredients to create friendship.  We ask all users to take time to get to know other parents through the on-boarding process and use the app when they feel connected to other parents.  Safety of children is our priority.  Please click here to learn more about our commitment  to children's safely.

Q - Can I choose which parent can pick up my child?

Answer - Currently no, but it is considered for Ver. 2. We recommend you make your selections as large as possible, so that you have access to a large pool of parents to help you. 

Q - I have an Android phone. Will the app work for my phone?

Answer - Yes, the app will be available for both platforms; iOS (Apple phones) and Android (i.e. Samsung phones).

Q - How do Village Points work?

Answer - Village Points are currency in the Task-ki community for a childcare facility your child attends.  For child pick-up services, you will earn Village Points based on the actual time spent to help. One-minute equals one point. When you check in with the childcare facility to pick up a child, the clock starts running and it ends when you meet up with the child’s parent to transfer the child. If this takes 15 minutes, then 15 points will be awarded. For other services offered by parents, parents who provide services will communicate the amount of points that they would like to receive, which can be negotiated but have to be agreed upon by both parties before the services are rendered.  Please see the village points guideline here.

Q – Can Village Points be redeemable in cash?

Answer – No.  In the Task-K I Village, actual money cannot be used. All parents are created equal in the Village regardless of the ability of a parent to be able to afford services. This is a place of collaboration. You help others, and other will help in return. 

Q – How much does it cost to use the Task-K I app and how do I pay for it?

Answer -   The pricing is current being determined. We are confident that our pricing will be very reasonable, and it will be less than the average late fee that is charged by many childcare facilities for being late once.  Also, a payment method is currently being researched. We will be implementing a program to reward those parents who early adapt and help childcare facilities to join the Task-K I family.  Please stayed tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions From Childcare Providers


Questions from Childcare Providers

Q - How does the app will work with our policy?

Answer – You can continue operating in accordance with your pick-up policy. No changes are required to your policy. Parents who desire to have other parents pick up their children will submit their authorization to have other parents to pick up their children in advance per your authorization policy. A childcare facility will use our app as a childcare admin. When a helping parent arrives, you verify the authorization and identification of the parent in accordance with your policy and check in as the helping parent arrives and check her out as she leaves with the child of the requesting parent in our app. It will only take a few seconds to process the pickup. 

Q - Who pays to use the app?

A – Each individual user of the application (generally guardian or parents of children who attend your daycare) pays a monthly subscription to use the app. No costs are charged to childcare facilities.