Village Points Guideline


Task-K I Point and Barter Service Guide

Pick-up services: For all pick-up services prompted from this app, the village points are awarded based on the minutes spent for helping to pick up a child If you are a parent helping to pick up a child, you will be awarded for the time from pick up your child from your daycare to the time that the child’s parentconfirms that she or he picked up the child from you. The points will be automatically calculated though the system and awarded to the parent who helped.

Other services: In general, we recommend members in the community to exchange the village points in terms of time rendered. However, points offered for certain services can be negotiated between parties in advance. Determining how many points to be exchanged are responsibilities of those who are involved in the exchange. Having said that we have some suggested point measurements as follows:

Personal services, such as Babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, yard work, housework: based on the actual time rendered

Meals (including desserts): based on the actual item spent on the preparation of the meals.

Exchange of used items: 1 point is used as an equivalent of $1.00. For example, if you have some baby closes that you want to sell to another member, you can estimate the fair market value of the items offered to the potential buying member.

No sale of points for cash: Under no circumstances, can points be sold or exchanged for cash.

Prohibited use of points: The points you earn cannot be used or sold in exchange for the following services, activities and/or items including, but not limited to:

o Prostitution

o Narcotics 

o Marijuana or marijuana products

o Any prescription medications

o Any dietary supplements

o Alcohol

o Pornography

o Weapons of any kind

o Stolen items

o Gambling 

o Any criminal activities

o Any anti-social community activities


Task-K I reserves the right to monitor your point exchanges and confiscate the points earned if you do not follow our guidelines.